We stand with those taking
outsized risks for the greater good.

We are active partners
with socially minded entrepreneurs
on their journey to resiliency and sustainability.

Change Agents - Climbing Team

Change Agents title

Stepping into the beyond and creating something new, something bold,
is both exhilarating and challenging.

There is no certainty, and no safety net.

We are compelled because we know it can be different.
We know that we have a responsibility to try, to build, and to foster, a better way.

Every enterprise is unique.

Problems can have a variety of solutions.
There are no cookie cutters or simple remedies.
There are no easy methods or lists.

Each new venture is a first ascent.



“Rory Holland is an expert at market positioning, defining the future of an organization,
and perhaps most importantly, the priority of what an organization should work on when.”

~ Jake Chalmers, CEO, Storydriven


There are inflection points in every business and organization. Moments in time when the road forks, when the grey area of decision making takes over from the binary of black and white. It’s in those specific moments it makes sense to reach out and find an objective voice from someone who has walked a similar path.


There’s tremendous benefit in the insight of another, their ability to weigh strengths and weaknesses and echo back what you already know, but haven’t been able to hear. Coaching is fostering focus and self-sufficiency within your current gifting.


When the way ahead is uncharted, it’s helpful to have someone walk along side that’s been down the trail before.

Mentoring is confidence raising, skill building, and cheerleading for those willing to try. It is supporting your efforts moving from knowledge to wisdom.


New opportunities present themselves all the time and provide a chance to re-shape or disrupt the status quo – requiring input, buy-in, and agreement across the stakeholder community.

Facilitation – whether beginning from a place of conflict or of creativity – is a process of convening and providing leadership to help the organization achieve the goals it has articulated for itself.

“His focused advice circumvents months of false starts.
He is definitely the person to talk to if you want to move forward.”

~ Dr. Ted Spear, Founder/Head Master, Island Pacific School



“Rory helped us to boil down the essence of our organization
and created opportunities for key partners to participate in our growth.”

~ Marc Schutzbank, Co-Director, Fresh Roots Urban Farm Society

Scope Definition


A scope meeting, in person, on the phone or over Skype will determine what’s at stake and the mutually agreed upon needs of those involved. This will help determine the course of action, and resources required to be successful.

Time Commitment


Typically coaching and mentoring happen on a regular schedule – an hour long face to face meeting once every two weeks. In between there may be email contact and support as required.

Retreats, strategy sessions, envisionings, all require significant preparation time and should be booked well in advance. Typically these sessions range from single day to two days, one overnight.



This type of work is iterative and best combined within your existing schedule and lifestyle – it’s a combination of face to face time as well as online communication. I offer the following:

Individual Coaching
$300/mnth – 1 meeting plus emails/text
$500/mnth – 2 meetings plus emails/text

Corporate Advisory/Facilitation

Success is measured by outcomes and results, not time spent. The client will be the sole judge of value and only pay if they feel that has been delivered.





Each engagement demands an absolute focus of time and energy on the matters at hand.



Whether personal or business, nothing said during meetings, or in any communication, is discussed outside, unless given express consent from the client.



A candid and open relationship with a confidence that the truth will be told.



A confidence that each project is conducted with no doubt or ambiguity as to the goals, values or intentions of Change Agents staff.



Every attempt will be made to laugh and see the lighter side of building a new enterprise.

“Rory is the best kind of startup mentor – a perfect mix of cheerleader, sounding board, advisor, and devils advocate.”

~ Kirsten Koppang Telford, Co-Founder ePact Networks



As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve spent the last thirty years building things from the ground up. Working across the spectrum of not for profit to profit, from social agency to software, from grass roots to international – I’ve failed a lot, but succeeded enough to keep on trying.

Having been involved in every kind of business transaction with the exception of an IPO or Bankruptcy, I understand what it takes to build both companies and organizations. I’ve been immersed in financing, board governance, human resources, idea management, sales, and marketing. I’ve co-founded and successfully sold two technology ventures, been a member or chair of numerous charitable boards, as well advising, coaching, and mentoring others.

My passions are wide and varied. A lover of the arts, I’ve spent many years supporting theatre in Vancouver – involving myself at every level, from the board to the stage. My philanthropic concern has mostly focused on issues on Central Africa. I’ve traveled to that region many times leading groups of people introducing them to projects and communities.

I’ve also immersed myself in Permaculture, interning on Geoff Lawton’s farm in Australia. Earth care, people care, and return of surplus are the cornerstones of my personal philosophy. This manifests itself both in the vegetable garden and the boardroom.

Preferring outside to indoors, I’m not afraid to get cold or wet, my hands dirty or my knees scraped – riding, hiking, swimming, skiing or digging in the dirt.


Rory Holland is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur – driven by ‘the idea’ and then, by the process of bringing the idea to life.

~ Woody Tasch, Chairman, Slow Money>


“…Rory inspires and energizes people around him,
a finder of solutions with an intuitive business sense
that grounds his innovative ideas in bedrock practicality…”

Ron Reed, Artistic Director
Pacific Theatre, Vancouver, BC

“…Rory has an extraordinary ability to provide
the business advice you need while imparting
the life advice that brings integrity to your decisions…”

Zohar Amouyal, CEO
Skio Music, Vancouver, BC

“…Rory has an uncanny ability
to identify THE questions that matter
from the thousand possible ones…”

Dr. Alexandra Greenhill, CEO
Mybesthelper.com, Vancouver, BC

“Working with Rory breathes new life and focus into
my ideas. His enthusiasm and positive encouragement
led me to distill the right words through a process
of critical thinking. In the end, I was able to present
my ideas confidently and with fresh clarity.”

Dolores Atlin

“…Rory is a straight shooting professional
who will ask the questions you never thought of asking
in order to provide practical leadership advice
resulting in game changing ideas…”

Ben Hoogendorn, CEO
Food for the Hungry

“Rory is always able to provoke deeper thinking, which leads to several
‘ah-ha’ moments. Each time we meet, I leave with some sort of perspective altering
experience that motivates me to take on the next challenge and report back with results.

Business has doubled since Rory started helping out and
he has become an invaluable asset to the business.”

Myles Galvin, President Smart City Media





You are the Boss of you

I know I’ve said that not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur. Maybe I need to rephrase that. Not everyone is cut out to run their own business. I do believe that whether or not you sign your own paycheck, you are responsible for yourself and how you move forward in career and life.

A friend who works in academia used the term “entrepreneur of knowledge” yesterday. He was disappointed that his students knew little about how to write or visually express what they had learned. They were acquiring an education, but were depending on others to recognize the benefit.

He encourages his classes to take courses in photography, creative writing, and video production.   The suggestion being that they are the ones who have to take initiative with what they have learned and find ways to express it.

That is true no matter what the discipline, from coding to managing. You can’t expect anyone else to recognize and exploit your talent any better than you can do it yourself.

We increasingly live in the age of the ‘gig’ economy. Full time work is being dis-intermediated by freelance.   Along with greater autonomy comes greater demand to communicate what we know and why it is important.

So, in the end, you are the boss of you. Take it on.


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