Always Ask. The Worst They Can Say is “No”.

One of the hardest parts of business is waiting for an answer. It might be the prospect who has your sales proposal. It might be an investor who is reading your business plan. Oddly, sometimes a question hasn’t been asked in the first place.

“I didn’t want to offend”. “It seems to early in the process”. “I think they need more information first”. “I don’t want them to think I’m desperate” All are reasons (excuses) why questions don’t get asked.

Always ask. Always. It’s the only way you can have certainty, and move forward. It’s the difference between process and decision. You need to know – are they planning to buy, is she serious about investing, is he going to take the job.

In the end the worst they can say is ‘no’. However, we’ve imbued that little word with so much emotion. It is not you they are rejecting, it’s the proposal. Good sales folk understand that it’s just part of the process – there are plenty of ‘no’s’ before you get a ‘yes’.

You can start the queries right up front. Qualify the prospect by seeking an answer “if you get the information you need, can you see yourself purchasing?” “What more do you require to make a decision about investing?” Trialing a close not only gives you important information, it draws the other side in.

So, don’t wait. Ask.

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