You are the Boss of you

I know I’ve said that not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur. Maybe I need to rephrase that. Not everyone is cut out to run their own business. I do believe that whether or not you sign your … Continue reading

It’s Never Just Business

“Hey, don’t take it personally, it’s just business”. A fairly common, yet stupid phrase. All business is personal, especially for the entrepreneur. Business is often the excuse for being an asshole. The idea that one can extract the emotion from … Continue reading

Losing to Win

We were on the verge of buying out our partners. Things had gone sour between us so we wanted to get their shares and go in another direction. The final meeting at their lawyer’s office saw us haggling over a … Continue reading

Getting to Yes

There is no shortage of opportunity for donors and investors. Asks come from all directions, all the time. There are tremendous causes and companies looking for financial support. All they really want to say is ‘no’. It’s a matter of … Continue reading

Don’t Be So Serious

Years ago, my business partner and I were traveling from Memphis to Chatanooga for meetings with clients. On the road in Tennessee we discovered there were a number of huge firework outlets. We finally stopped to see what it was … Continue reading

Failing Fast

In a science lab there is as much to learn from failure as there is success. The same is true in business. The problem is, it sucks. There are very few entrepreneurs who are comfortable with the idea of losing … Continue reading

Pitch your Story, not your Projections

I sat through over twenty investor pitches last week. Start ups doing everything from measuring cirrhosis of the liver to selling event tickets. To a person, the founders believed in what they were doing and were fully committed. Too bad … Continue reading

On your own, but not alone

Even if you’re not up that high, it can be lonely at the top. Where do you go when the bank calls wanting more security for their loan, or your business partner isn’t pulling their weight, or you need to … Continue reading

Nothing is Certain, so Sell

“We just need to be more certain”. This was the reason given for not getting out and selling. The company has incredible powerpoints on every angle of the business, they have demos for most industries, and they have a 67 … Continue reading

Hire Slow, Fire Fast

Hiring is kind of like falling in love, except for the love part. You are seeking someone compatible, easy to get along with, aligned with your values, who also has mad skills in the area you are seeking. No one … Continue reading

Always Ask. The Worst They Can Say is “No”.

One of the hardest parts of business is waiting for an answer. It might be the prospect who has your sales proposal. It might be an investor who is reading your business plan. Oddly, sometimes a question hasn’t been asked … Continue reading

Are you?

Being an entrepreneur is like being left handed. You are or you’re not. While it’s something you can become better at, I am not sure it’s something you can become. Most of us are best working within an existing structure. … Continue reading

Decide Already

In a given day in business there are hundreds of decisions to be made. Not all, in fact very few, are life and death. The key is in making them. Getting on with things requires choices to be made so … Continue reading

What’s your Value?

I am not very good with grammar. I am not sure when ‘better’ ‘faster’ or ‘cheaper’ are adjectives or adverbs. However, I do know that when used to describe a product or service they end up being comparisons to something … Continue reading

Follow the Pain

Your ideal customer is someone who needs healing, and is willing to pay for it. The best businesses and organizations solve real problems. If you have to spend a lot of time, energy, and money convincing folks that they need … Continue reading

Psychic Revenue

“It was a great meeting. They were all over us. We had a thirty minute time slot and stayed for over an hour. At the end they said that we were a little early for them but we’d be on … Continue reading