Decide Already

In a given day in business there are hundreds of decisions to be made. Not all, in fact very few, are life and death. The key is in making them. Getting on with things requires choices to be made so you can move to the next topic. Get it right 70% of the time, and you should do just fine.

Most of business is run on incomplete information. There is too much to know prior to a decision being required. Sure there are plenty of ways to mitigate the risk, but in the end, the choice is binary, go or no go – with an uncertain outcome either way.

All to say, make as many decisions in a day as you can. Do what you can to educate yourself, but, no matter how many Google searches you do, the choice is still yours. Undoubtedly some will be wrong, but that is ok, and I’d say even preferable, to not making them in the first place.

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