It’s Never Just Business

“Hey, don’t take it personally, it’s just business”. A fairly common, yet stupid phrase. All business is personal, especially for the entrepreneur.

Business is often the excuse for being an asshole. The idea that one can extract the emotion from a deal, or a tough conversation, is an illusion.

I had an experience recently where I had to deliver tough news to someone. It was a harsh critique that I knew would be difficult to hear. However, I took the ‘just business’ approach and disregarded the feeling and emotion with which it might be received.

It’s not what I said, it’s how I said it.

Stating the obvious, every company is made up of human beings – who don’t check feelings and emotions at the door. Entrepreneurs even more so, as it all rides on them. If anyone is sensitive to their own shortcomings – it’s those working for themselves.

I stand chastened and corrected. Fortunately, the receiver of my diatribe had the fortitude to both confront and forgive. Onwards and upwards.


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