Nothing is Certain, so Sell

“We just need to be more certain”. This was the reason given for not getting out and selling. The company has incredible powerpoints on every angle of the business, they have demos for most industries, and they have a 67 page business plan.

Another company I knew a few years back had post-it note flip chart paper surrounding the office with scenarios, budgets, and plans. And no sales.

The true test for a new product or service is will someone buy it. What you don’t know the customer will tell you. Your product needs to get out in the real world.   “Just a little bit more” is the death of a company. The fear of failure hides behind the desire for perfection

Take the simplest product or service you can create and put it front of people. Do they buy it? Why or why not? Try again. And again. Each step backwards is a meaningful part of going forward.

The uncomfortable part of any business is that it’s risky – always. From beginning through maturity, growth means doing new stuff that doesn’t always work. Sure as a company grows there’s a larger margin for error – but I don’t think that makes much different – losing sucks no matter what.

No matter how fancy your presentations, how detailed your plans, how robust your product – if you aren’t selling, you’re not in business.


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