On your own, but not alone

Even if you’re not up that high, it can be lonely at the top. Where do you go when the bank calls wanting more security for their loan, or your business partner isn’t pulling their weight, or you need to fire a key employee, or you lose/or gain your biggest customer?

It is hard to talk business stuff with friends and family. Without the context, it can seem like an endless roller coaster ride of up’s and down’s. Bringing home ‘the office’ is tough at the best of times.

During my years growing a software company I had a friend, much older, who I could call on to talk through issues, concerns, and problems. He had started and run his own companies so he understood, not only the language, but wasn’t shocked by numbers or difficult situations. He helped me through the hardest parts of building our business.

There is an unspoken fraternity amongst entrepreneurs. In my experience, there is a willingness to support the efforts of others. It is simply a matter of finding them.

Of course (self serving plug coming up) there are also professional coaches and mentors. My suggestion is finding someone who has been through what you are going through. You are not seeking advice on process – it’s deeper than that. You want to be able to call on someone who ‘gets it’. It takes one to know one.

You are on your own – it’s your business. But, as you fight your good fight, there are others out there who you can call on. Even a phone call once a month can make a difference. Just like everything else you do – be bold, seek, and ask.

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