What’s your Value?

I am not very good with grammar. I am not sure when ‘better’ ‘faster’ or ‘cheaper’ are adjectives or adverbs. However, I do know that when used to describe a product or service they end up being comparisons to something else.

Instead, work to define and express what you do, in unique, differentiated terms. What gives you an unfair advantage? What is it that you have discovered or uncovered that has yet to be offered?

This is more than a branding excerise. It drills down to the core of your business and creates a discipline of making sure you are solving real problems. Unique solutions are more sustainable in a crowded marketplace.

Defining, and re-defining the value proposition for your business is an ongoing exercise – it’s not just for start ups. It’s a good thing to revisit at least annually to make sure you are still seeking to lead rather than follow.

I am thinking now, that in this case, those words are adverbs – but who cares, you don’t plan on using them anyway….

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